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Fissure 8 No Longer Pumping Out Lava to the East Rift Zone


During this morning’s USGS over flight of Fissure 8.There was a weak to moderately active pond of lava bubbling within the fissure 8 cone, but no visible supply of lava from fissure 8 into the channel. The perched channel and braided sections downstream were essentially crusted over with some incandescence noted. Active flow in the channel was observed immediately west Kapoho Crater. There is still active lava flowing into the ocean along the coast. it stretches about a mile long as of this morning. The Pohoiki Boat Ramp and Red House is still standing but there is some activity there. It did not have any significant advancement over the weekend.

Hawaii Volcano Observatory geologists observed low levels of lava fountaining  within the fissure 8 spatter cone and crusted lava in the spillway and channel downstream. The significance of this change is not yet clear. Eruptions can wax and wane or pause for days to weeks before returning to high levels of lava discharge. New outbreaks in the area of the active fissures could also occur in the near future.


Photos Courtesy of: USGS