Pohoiki Boat Landing is Still There.


Lava update with Ikaika Marzo abound Ohana of Kalapalana Cultural Tours. This live update was at 6:08 pm today July 24, 2018. The lave entry is about 3 miles long with lots of entries into the ocean. The lava is at the parking lot but Pohoiki is stil there for now. The lava has extended about 100 yards into the ocean where Shack’s and Bow’s were located.

Live at the ocean entry aboard lava vessel OHANA.

Posted by Ikaika Marzo on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fast Moving Lava Flow in Leilani Estates Tonight.

Posted by Ikaika Marzo on Monday, May 28, 2018

Nice day in Volcano! No Ash fall to Date.


As of today, there has been no ash falls in Mauna Loa Estates or Volcano. We were up there today because we had a check in. My husband mowed the lawn. It was a normal day in Volcano. I have been up there every other day to check on things and it’s always been fine.

The crater still has activity going on. But the explosions have not been huge. Whatever ash there is has been blown to the southwest. This is the way it normally blows. The wind blows everything away from us and Kona usually ends up with all of the vog. We were there yesterday and it was pretty bad. Then you drive to the east side and it was nicer. Now if you go down to Pahoa 22 miles south of Volcano. It is different there because of the lava flow.

The news has sensationalized this to be bigger than it is. The residents of Pahoa (Leilani Estates) are definitely being hit hard and its devastating. So our prayers go out to them. The only road closures are in Pahoa.

All other roads and airports are open. I’m sure that by the end of next month things will have settled down and the park will be open by July.

There is still alot to see on this side of the island besides the park. There is Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, Ziplines, Mokupapapa Discovery Center. The park rangers are there to give you the latest on the eruption. Plus the Lava Boat Tours are up and running again.

Things to do in Hilo



Hamakua Coastline



This is the best local island news information.



Latest Upadate from USGS:


Halemaumau was Putting on a Show Today



Driving up to Volcano on Highway yesterday morning at around 10:00 am Halemaumau Crater had begun putting on a show for us. There were cars pulled off to the shoulder and people with cameras on tripods and cell phones. Taking pictures of Mother Nature. Of course, I had to stop and join the crowd. Took a few photos there then decide to drive pass the park entrance. Drove south for a few miles and found a great viewing spot on a little hill. Stood there for awhile and got some great shots until the rangers told us we had to leave. Just as I was getting into my car there was a huge grey plume raising into the sky from the crater. It was an awesome sight to see. Snapped a few more photos and left just as the rangers were coming back from the opposite direction. Telling people to leave. I decide that the Volcano Golf Course would be a great viewing spot. It’s situated a little higher then the highway. As I drove up there was at least 75 people standing on the course watching the crater put on a show. There was even the ABC news crew reporting from the Golf Course. The show went on for about 2 1/2 hours. My cell phone finally died on me, so no more pictures.

The scientists are expecting this activity to last about two and half weeks. But only Mother Nature know’s. I’m sure that there will be more activity tomorrow.

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